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Best Of The Best 2006: Anniversary Gift

Barry Winfield

The R1 was considered a highly innovative bike when Yamaha introduced it in 2004. An exhaust backpressure valve, a titanium exhaust system, and ram-air front intakes were among the features that made this machine unique. Now for its 50th anniversary, the company has introduced the Yamaha R1 LE ($18,000), which will have a production run of only 500. The R1 LE has Marchesini forged-aluminum wheels, a stiffened frame, and Öhlins suspension components. The fork and rear shock are adjustable for low- and high-speed damping, and the shock offers hydraulic preload adjustment. These additions have prompted several motorcycle writers to proclaim the R1 LE the best Japanese sportbike ever.


Photo by Darin Schnabel
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Photo by Stephan Cooper
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Photo by Pietro Carrieri
Photo by Pawel Litwinski