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Best Of The Best 2006: Ride To Valhalla

Gregory Anderson

Press the top of the shift lever in the $367,000 Maybach 57 S, and you almost can hear the opening chords to Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries.” And that is just from the starter button. In the S version, twin superchargers force-feed an additional 61 hp—for a total of 604 hp—to the rear wheels, and a larger-diameter exhaust system allows the enhanced 6-liter V-12 engine to exhale more freely.

Signature styling elements include 20-inch wheels, a monochromatic exterior, and an interior appointed with piano-black lacquer and carbon-fiber trim. When commissioning a Maybach, you have approximately 4 million different choices you can make, but the only one that really matters involves the engine. Select the S if you want to hear tubas blow and cymbals crash.


Copyright 2013 American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
Photo by Stephan Cooper
Copyright 2014 Infiniti
Photo by Pietro Carrieri
Photo by Pawel Litwinski