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Best Things First: Flower Power

Sheila Gibson Stoodley

Florist extraordinaire Michael George (212.883.0304, www.michaelgeorge flowers.com) never packs a vase with a riotous rainbow of blooms, each of a different shape and size. Instead, he prefers to focus on a single variety of flower, in a single color, and places the stems in the vase as carefully and deliberately as an architect plans the layout of a house. More than mere eye candy, a Michael George arrangement delivers the illusion of imposing order and structure on the chaos of nature. No wonder, then, that his minimalist floral creations have caught and held the attention of perfectionist homemaker Martha Stewart, designer Calvin Klein, and a long roster of other high-powered clients in the media and fashion industries.

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Photo by Nigel YoungFoster + Partners
Photo by Mike Van Tassell
Photo by Jacopo Spilimbergo
Photo by Jerry Tempfli
Photo by Meghan Beierle-O’Brien