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Private Preview2005: Aerial Acrobat

It is a shame that only one passenger at a time can enjoy the thrill of the two-seat LoPresti Fury. The $275,000 plane, which was conceived in the early 1990s and is expected to receive FAA certification by the end of 2005, offers a 210-mph cruising speed, aerobatic capability, a 1,000-mile range, and luggage space for several golf bags. The refined airframe design and precise pushrod and bearing controls imbue the Fury with the quick synapses and ballistics of a military fighter. Military jet ergonomics are evident in the cockpit, where the HOTAS (hands-on throttle and stick) system, as its name implies, places the controls for the flaps, trim, autopilot, and lights on the throttle and stick grips. This design minimizes any distractions for the pilot, especially during critical maneuvers.


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Photo by Justin Sutcliffe
Copyright by Dassault Aviation
Photo by Paul Bowen
Photo by Mark Meyers