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Slim Possibilities

No one wants to accessorize a sleek new TV with a portly audio system. So as flat-panel TVs get thinner, speaker manufacturers struggle to trim inches from their products too. At least one contestant seems to have won this battle of the bulge: Leon Speakers’ 414-LCR-X-A. This “sound bar”-style speaker fits beneath a flat-panel TV, and measures only 3 1/4 inches deep—not as willowy as 2008’s thinnest TVs but slimmer than most. Despite its inconspicuous presence, it manages to incorporate speakers for the front left, center, and right channels of a surround-sound system. Each $2,495 414-LCR-X-A is bespoke?sized and finished to match your flat-panel TV. Audiophiles may wonder how Leon Speakers’ engineers managed to squeeze three tweeters and six woofers into such a slim box. The rest of us can simply enjoy the enveloping sound they produce. (888.213.5015, www.leonspeakers.com)

—Brent Butterworth

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