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FrontRunners: Along for the Glide

The Editors

Anton Wilson, the engineer who founded the Bozeman, Mont., company that makes Anton Gliders skis, describes the Total Control Suspension system of the new Carbon Series Anton Gliders (www.antongliders.com) in automotive terms. "It’s like going from a pickup to a Ferrari," rel="nofollow" says Wilson, whose system, like a finely tuned automotive suspension, helps improve handling and speed. The Total Control Suspension continually redistributes your weight to maintain consistent pressure on the tips and tails, a design that keeps the entire length of the skis in constant contact with the snow. This contact enables you to ski in a more relaxed manner while carving hard edges in both icy and powdery conditions. Released in September, the $3,990 Carbon EX (shown) is the highest-performance ski in the Anton Gliders line.

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Photo by Breeders’ Cup/Danny Moloshok
Photo by Armelle Kergall
Photo by Daniel Lane/© Tarisio
Photo by Vincent Ricardel
Photo by RM Auctions