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Recycling, Redefined

Samantha Brooks

Precise stitching, flawless crystal, unmarred animal skins, and perfectly dyed silks are just some of the hallmarks of Hermès’s uncompromising designs, which helped earn them a win in this year’s Best of the Best issue. Countless hours and numerous trials go into creating the 177-year-old brand’s wares, naturally with some mistakes and flawed goods along the way. However, rather than relinquishing the less-than-perfect items to the waste bin, Hermès has given them new life under the Petit h label. The sub-brand uses materials such as leather trimmings fallen from the cutting tables, porcelain “rejects,” crystal with air bubbles, crocodile skins with irregular scales, and marred silks as the basis for new items, created by a team of 22 international designers who work with the Hermès craftsmen to create entirely new pieces. Petit h has been under the artistic direction of Pascale Mussard, a 6th-generation member of the Hermès family, since it originated in 2010, and it comes to the West Coast for the first time this month.

Starting June 13, more than 4,000 Petit h items—from crocodile-swathed toy cars and model boats with silk sails to crystal bowls—will be available online through July 5, as well as at the Petit h concept shop at the Hermès store in Orange County’s South Coast Plaza through June 29, when the pop-up shop closes. (www.hermes.com)

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Photo by Nigel YoungFoster + Partners
Photo by Mike Van Tassell